Brand Positionings

Rob Freebody has been closely involved in the strategic development and creative execution of many aspirational (and campaignable) brand positioning statements/platforms aimed at raising the market profile and image of a wide variety of clients. These include ~



Experience the Wonder

A positioning which took Webjet to the No.1 selling brand of online airfares in just 2 years, ‘Experience the Wonder’ not only captures the essence of what world travel is all about, but also reflects the calibre of the unique services delivered by the website.


  • Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre (MECC)

Where Australia Meets the World

A brand positioning designed to strongly communicate and support market leadership, ‘Where Australia Meets The World’, successfully took a brand which was formerly referred to as ‘Jeff’s Shed’ and turned it into the country’s premier business events venue.


  • Jati Furniture

Excellence is Everything

A brand positioning designed to support the premium pricing of a high quality retail store, ‘Excellence is Everything’ allowed discerning furniture buyers to more easily justify paying the extra for the finest imported Jati creations.


  • Planters

Not Your Average Nut

This brand differentiating positioning underpinned a very successful campaign featuring the wonderfully ‘nutty’ UK comedian Spike Milligan.


  • Berwick Springs

Welcome Home

A highly successful brand positioning aimed at attracting new home buyers to the newly established Berwick Springs residential development, ‘Welcome Home’ underpinned communication which appealed to peoples’ desire to escape the materialistic rat-race and get back to enjoying ‘the things in life that really matter’ ~ quality time with family.


  • Schots Home Emporium

Unearth the Uncommon

A brand positioning & brand re-naming designed to appeal to homeowners who are looking to create an ‘out-of-the-ordinary’ interior décor that reflects their own individual flair.


  • Centre for Infertility Solutions (CIS).

Delivering your Best Chance of Success

Directed at couples who are experiencing difficulties with becoming pregnant (or seeing a pregnancy through to successful completion), this brand positioning promises renewed hope.


  • Dec-Rate

Nothing we do is Slapdash

A brand positioning designed to support the premium quality commercial & residential work of a Master Painter company (and working off the hyphenated company name).


  • HP Cranes

Raising the Bar to a Hire Level

Aimed at building developers, this brand positioning underpins the introduction of a performance enhancing and cost reducing new range of all-electric cranes (as opposed to hydraulic powered units).


  • Traveller Caravans

Always Going The Extra Mile

A brand positioning designed to support the premium pricing and superior product qualities of one of Australia’s market leading manufacturers of luxury caravans.