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Some powerful press and magazine ads simply make a bold statement. But where there is a longer copy story to convey, the most potent headlines all promise to tell the reader something interesting, but actually tell them nothing at all (just like in newspaper editorial).

A headline’s sole role is to act as a Stop Sign and create enough intrigue to entice people into reading the body copy text ~ where the sell is delivered; and where well-chosen words can then hold readers’ interest and actually inspire a positive response.

Here’s a selection of Rob’s consumer ads to scroll through ~

Cadbury-Schweppes ~ Trebor Mints Magazine Ad

1. Cadbury Trebor 'Onion' Mag Ad



Jati ~ Teak Furniture Press Ad

Sydney Herald.indd



Barry Berkus ~ Press Ad

3. Barry Berkus 'Hoi Polloi' Press Ad



Endeavour Homes ~ Brand Magazine Ad




United Energy ~ Press Ad

5. United Energy Press Ad 'Pelicans'



Jack Daniels ~ BBQ Sauce Magazine Ad

6. Jack Daniels BBQ Sauce 'Grill Me' Magazine Ad



HeartPlus ~ Press Ad

7. HeartPlus 'Palpitations' Small Space Press Ad



Original Juice ~ Magazine Ad
8. Original Juice 'Sunripe' Mag Ad



Jati ~ Synthetic Cane Magazine Ad
9. Jati 'Yamakawa' Mag Ad


Eagle Ridge ~ Press Ad
11. Eagle Ridge 'Rain' Press Ad



Berwick Springs ~ Directory Ad
12. Berwick Springs 'Rare Island' Directory Ad



Wilkinson Sword ~ Disposable Shavers Magazine Ad




Lotus ~ Elise Magazine Ad

14. Lotus Elise 'Sports Car' Mag Ad



Lotus ~ Rugby World Cup Magazine Ad

15. Lotus Elise 'Wallabies' Rugby World Cup' Mag Ad



Parenthood ~ Press Ad

16. Parenthood Ad 'Sense of Style' Press Ad



Grosby ~ Slippers Magazine Ad

18. Grosby Slippers Lights On Mag Ad



Heartplus ~ Rural Press Ad

17. Heartplus Collins Street Rural Press Ad



Gas and Fuel ~ Brand Magazine Ad

19. Gas & Fuel Butterfly Mag Ad



T&C ~ Gardenia Press Ad

melbweekly(3-11-04) (Page 1)



Jati ~ Fine Loom Press Ad22. Jati Fine Loom Press Ad



Traveller Caravans ~ Launch Brand Magazine Ad

23. Traveller Extra Mile Launch Brand Mag Ad



Cuno ~ Aqua-Pure Magazine Ad

18. Cuno ~ Aqua-Pure Coffee Mag Ad



Webjet ~ Magazine Ad