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Direct Mail/eDM

The key point to remember about direct mail and email marketing (eDM) is that response rates are inextricably linked to whether or not it is viewed as ‘junk mail’. With the careful crafting of both words and pictures, the chances of your message being read and acted on (instead of ignored or ‘binned’) rise dramatically. Both in 2D and 3D mailer formats.

Just don’t forget to ensure your mailing list addresses are up-to-date.

Here are some samples of Rob’s DM/eDM work to scroll through ~

Good Shepherd ~ Incest Direct Mail

1. Good Shepherd Incest Direct Mail



Good Shepherd ~ Domestic Violence Direct Mail

2. Good Shepherd Domestic Violence DM Front



BNZA ~ B2B Direct Mail

3. BNZA Books Direct Mail



765 Brand Communications ~ B2B Tube Poster/USB Direct Mail




MECC ~ B2B Postcards Direct Mail

5. MECC Senses DM Postcards



Benetas ~ Fundraising Direct Mail

6. Benetas Three Hearty Meals DM



Wilson Pride ~ Postcard Direct Mail

7. Wilson Pride Brutal Auctioneer DM Postcard



ME Bank ~ Black MasterCard Direct Mail

8. ME Bank Black MasterCard Direct Mail



Montague Hotel ~ Postcard Direct Mail

9. Montague Hotel Tram Stop DM Postcard



Webjet ~ Promotional eDM




Webjet ~ Staythenpay eDM

11. Webjet Staythenpay EDM