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Editorial Articles

No matter what the topic is that you want covered (or the physical length of the article), the bottom line is you want every word read. The starting point is to stop people turning the page by creating intrigue with the headline ~ then it’s all about constructing a well-researched story in a way that makes the facts (and opinions) presented interesting enough to hold peoples’ attention.

Several of the editorial samples shown here are from the ‘Two Equals One’ magazine created for the Department of Family and Community Services ~ a publication targeted at couples intending to marry; and aimed at helping reduce both relationship problems and divorce rates.

Have a scroll through to see some of Rob’s work ~

FACS ~ ‘Wedding Day’ Article

1. FACS 2 1 Wedding Day Article



FACS ~ ‘City or the Bush’ Article

4. Ciy or Bush Article



FACS ~ ‘Lady Luck’ Article

3. FACS 2 1 Lady Luck Article



FACS ~ ‘Baby on the Scene’ Article

5. FACS Baby Article



FACS ~ ‘& then there were 3’ Article

2. FACS 2 1 3 Article



St Kilda Pier Kiosk ~ ‘Phoenix Rises’ Article

6. Editorial DPS St Kilda Pier Kiosk