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Since the inception of the brand, Rob Freebody has worked on promoting the online travel booking services of,

His involvement has encompassed everything from developing the brand positioning of ‘Experience The Wonder’ to executing all national campaign communications across a multitude of media ~ including TV, billboard, magazine, press, radio, outdoor and eDM.

The extensive body of work created has seen Webjet become (and remain) the No.1 Choice For Airfares Online ~ and, in more recent years, successfully launch their ‘brand & retail offer’ based entry into Worldwide Hotels and Package Holidays.

Here’s a selection of the campaign work Rob’s written to look through ~


View: Berwick Springs | MECC

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Webjet ~ Foldout Press Insert

1. Webjet Foldout Press Insert



Webjet ~ “Never Blind” Magazine Ad

2. Webjet Never Blind Mag Ad



Webjet ~ “Falling Airfares” Magazine Ad

3. Webjet Falling Airfares Mag Ad



Webjet ~ “Falling Airfares” 30 sec TVC



Webjet ~ “Angel Falls” Magazine Ad

5. Webjet Angel Falls Mag Ad



Webjet ~ “Clicking Fingers” 30 sec TVC



Webjet ~ “Clicking Fingers” Billboard

download (1)



Webjet ~ Deal Finder “Pearls” 30 sec TVC



Webjet ~ Pearls Promotional eDM

download (2)



Webjet ~ “Photos” 30 sec TVC



Webjet ~ Hotels “Extra Offer Asia” 30 sec TVC



Webjet ~  “$50 Take-Off” 30 sec Radio



Webjet ~ Hotels “Staythenpay” 30 sec TVC