Feature Article

Web Content. And the problem of Attention Deficit Disorder.

Research tells us that most people who enter a website in ‘browsing mode’ will decide within a short space of time whether to stay put and read on, or turn their attention elsewhere.

It also tells us that a site’s ability to generate customer enquiry is directly linked to how effectively it is able to capture the imagination and actually stimulate and sustain a viewer’s interest.

Here, the quality of the visual and copy content has become all-important in maximising a site’s ‘holding power’ and sheer potency as a sales and brand building tool.

Gone are the days when web users will pore over pages of blandly written copy riddled with spelling and grammatical errors; or ‘me-too’ messages they’ve heard a million times before. They’re not only bored by it, they object to it.

No longer can you expect to captivate them with a site that stops at being easy-to-access, use and navigate. These are now givens they can find virtually anywhere.

Put simply, unless you excite interest and present a professional image they’ll switch you off like a proverbial light bulb.

Today, they are ‘turned on’ by intelligent and compelling communication; headlines that arouse curiosity and invite readership; aspirational imagery that supports the story; credible selling propositions that instil confidence; substance that differentiates your business offering from competitors; and clean, uncluttered page layouts that don’t have them wondering where to look first.

The strategic use of keywords is clearly crucial to producing Search Engine Optimised (SEO) text that enables people to find your site ~ but beware ‘stuffing’ the copy with too many. Because once you’ve attracted interested lookers, overuse of keywords is one of the surest ways to ruin readability and lose them. It also harms rather than helps your ranking.

The craft of writing effective web content goes beyond just presenting information concisely, but delivering it in an engaging, reader-friendly manner that flows easily; focuses on conveying customer benefits; and makes each exploratory visit an enjoyable experience.

Embrace this approach to creating your website and your business will never suffer from A.D.D. again.